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Getting company swag can be overwhelming! Between choosing products, collecting sizes, and shipping swag, there is a lot to think about. Company swag stores can reduce the stress of buying swag, while making the experience better for employees. Below we have summarized why a company swag store could be great for you!

What is a company swag store?

A company swag store is a place where employees, customers, and fans can purchase company swag or company merch!

Products sold in a swag store include things like sweatshirts, hats, and water bottles. Additionally, many companies use swag stores to distribute things like new hire swag packages and customer gifts.

While many companies simply use their logo, others get more creative with their designs. For example, some companies will release unique company swag for things like Pride Month, 4th of July, and Employee of the Month. How could your company use this model to be more creative?

Checkout an example company swag store here!

How do company swag stores work?

Company swag store landing page

Swag stores are simple! Once set-up, employees, customers, and fan can simply go to your store and purchase your company branded products. Products are then printed on demand, as they are ordered. This means that you don’t need to buy inventory or make large upfront purchases of swag!

How to launch a corporate swag store?

Launching an online swag store is super easy! Below we have outlined the key steps to launching a company swag store.

Talk about your swag store with an expert

First, it is important to speak with a swag expert about your company swag store. The swag store expert will understand what you are looking for and determine the best way to set-up your swag store. For example, are you sending swag to employees or allowing fans to buy your merch? Either way, a swag expert will make sure your store is perfectly set-up for your business.

Select your employee swag store products

Clothing hanging on a rack

Next, you will want to pick products for your swag store! Based on your conversation, the swag expert will likely recommend products that would be a good fit based on your business.

Moreover, this step also gives you the opportunity to be creative and offer fun things your employees will love. We have seen baby outfits and dog sweaters become quite popular!

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Review the online swag store and go-live

Company swag store checkout page with blue sweatshirt

Finally, you will want to review your company swag store and go-live! During this final stage, you can make any tweaks to the site and product designs before they are launched to the world. For example, maybe you realize that the t-shirt should be offered in five color options instead of two.

What are the benefits of a company swag store?

Increased employee, customer, and fan engagement

Team of people with their hands together

One of the best ways to increase engagement is by making people feel part of a community. Company swag is a great way to make employees, customers, and fans connected to your company’s mission and vision. By wearing your brand, they are showing support for your mission and vision.

No inventory management

Man walking through a large warehouse

If you have ever been responsible for employee swag, you know how difficult it is to manage inventory. With swag stores, there is no need for inventory. Products are printed on-demand, so there is no need to worry about guessing sizes or ordering extra products.

Easy budgeting

Simple calculator with pen and paper analysis

Trying to plan your new hire swag for the year, but don’t really know how much it will cost? With the swag store gift card feature, you know exactly how much your company will spend on each new hire. This idea not only applies to new hire swag, but any swag budget your company may be working on.

No size size and address collection

Have you needed to collect everyone’s sizes and addresses for the latest swag order? We know this takes a lot of time and requires more work than managers think. With swag stores, employees enter their own sizes and addresses. Therefore, you don’t need to ask!

No hassle packing and shipping

No need to pack or ship anything! With swag stores, products are packaged and shipped directly to your employees and customers! Plus, you don’t have to worry about address mistakes, formatting, or returns.

Great for remote workers

Modern bedroom with a laptop and notebook laying in the bed

With employees spread across the world, companies can no longer simply ship all swag to company HQ. Company swag stores allow organizations to easily ship products to remote employees across the world.

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Key features to look for in a company swag store


The print-on-demand feature of a swag store allows you to step away from the process. When products are made to order, you do not need to worry about inventory or budgeting!

Gift Cards

Small card shaped box with a red ribbon

The gift card is a key feature of employee swag stores. The gift card allows you to more easily reward or acknowledge employees, while offering the flexibility to choose products that are best for them! For example, employees based in Minnesota may want different products than those based in Florida!

User Experience

Company swag store checkout page

With the recent explosion of e-commerce, customer’s expect a great user experience. A high quality swag store provides a simple, easy e-commerce experience from start to finish.

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