In 2023, organizations are continually searching for the best company swag ideas. Some of these companies are looking to stand out with unique, branded swag, while others want to offer more practical company gifts, corporate event giveaways, and promotional products.

Below we have highlighted 5 simple company swag ideas that will resonate with your employees, customers, and prospects! Add these to your company swag store and enhance your employee experience!

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Camping Cup – Perfect for every occasion

White custom vacuum insulated coffee mug with green logo

Why not ditch the old mug and get your employees the only cup they will ever need? This custom Camping Cup will help your employees enjoy that coffee or tea all morning long. Our customers love this mugs durability, as we as its ability to keep drinks at the perfect temperature.

Backpack – Great for the quickly growing company

Blue Adidas backpack with white embroidery

Don’t you want one backpack that is versatile enough for work and the trail? A custom Adidas Backpack is the perfect bag for a trip to the office or hike in the forest. Our customers love this backpack’s versatility, size, and features.

Travel Wine Set – Eye catching company swag idea

White vacuum insulated wine glass with custom green logo

What better way to enjoy nature, relax at a park, or chill in the backyard than with your favorite glass of wine? These custom wine chillers are the perfect thing to keep those beverages nice and chill all day. Our customers love the ability to casually have the perfect drink in any setting.

Sweatshirt or Hoodie – Classic and loved

Female model wearing company swag

When is the last time you enjoyed getting cozy and relaxing in your favorite sweatshirt or hoodie? There are many products out there, but we love the custom Cotton Heritage sweatshirts and hoodies. Our customers like the extremely soft fleece interior, combine with their modern fit.

Can Chillers – Company swag idea for the “chill” business

Black can chiller with custom company logo

Is there anything better than cracking into an ice cold beer? This custom can chiller is the perfect companion for keeping your beer cold and your hands warm. Our customers love how they don’t feel rushed drinking their beer and can savor their drink.

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